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See you guys on Sept. 18! It’s the day after my birthday :) Will be doing some visuals for the event as my vj alter-ego, Ripley.
Tektonik’s back! Save the date, guys. I’ll see you there. 
Day 2 of 30 Days of Motion
Day 1 of 30 Days of Motion.
Tektonik @ Black Market on April 24!
Tektonik’s back on April 24 @ Black Market! #teaser

Anonymous said: Why is Starwars better than Star Trek?:p

The easy answer is that it isn’t better than Star Trek. Haha! Hi Daniel! :)

Tektonik @ Black Market! Had so much fun working on this poster, haha. Feb. 27! Facebook event page here:
Teaser poster for Black Market event Tektonik! Mark your calendar, guys! Feb. 27! Also made the actual poster, which will be released later on.
Made a poster for Tektonik! If you guys are free on Dec 5, drop by Black Market in Makati for some great music. :) 

thirty-five (of 365)

One day you’ll ask me to justify my actions and I will reply by saying:it’s because I yearn for the urgency that comes with whispering your name.